Thursday, March 13, 2003

* my smilies are also broken, which makes it turely annoying that my template is werid becaues i realllllllllyyyyyyyy want to fix my smilies

things curretnly broken on my blogs

*my templates and they don't update properly when i make changes. so when i publish i get an error (with no error message to tell me what's wrong) and the same broken stuff goes up on the page again
*my ftp there's a problem with the server or something so that i have to post and post and post to get it to go up, hence the one line argh type posts, and this list actually.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

please work.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

new years resolutions 2003

*get somewhere by the end of this year i will have a new job, a new apartment, and an idea of where i'm going next.
*be healthier work on being consious of what i'm eating (less junk, less caffeine, more veggies etc.) without making myself crazy/stepping on scales/counting calories/obsessing over it's not healthy to eat better and exersize more if it's accompanied by an unhealthy mindset.
*write and paint more for myself darnit. a creative outlet is important. who cares if no one else is meant to see the stuff?
*finish projects i'm a great ideas person, always have been. it's the follow through where i stumble. this needs to stop.
*continue to work on the whole self acceptance thing this one is a no brainer, but a necessary one.

Monday, July 01, 2002

the right and wrong reasons to eat healthily etc
*right because you get worn out more quickly than you used to
*wrong because you just went bathing suit shopping and have come home empty handed and decided you don't ever need to eat again
*right because you aren't getting the propper vitimins and minerals
*wrong because you can't see your sternum yet
*right because you have just rediscovered your love of fresh fruits
*wrong because you have just lost the love of your life and think getting skinny with get him/her back
*right because your colesterol/bloodpressure/bloodsugar is too high
*wrong because your bmi is higher than kate moss's
*right to be stronger
*wrong to fit societies ideal
*right to feel physically better
*wrong because you think it will make you like yourself more.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

great places to look for smilies


yes i am enough of a geek that i collect smilies. if you don't believe me check out inhabit corners.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

how to sell ice to eskimos in three easy steps
*wear miss-matched socks and an otherwise normal outfit
*believe in the product, sincerely and completely, not just as a way to get your check.
*forget about selling the product and sell yourself.

why it works:
*they will notice you without knowing quite why (the sock, silly)
*if you sell yourself they will be buying your belief in the product, and therefore the product itself
*they will like you and come back to buy more.
random fiction subgenras and obscure recomendations therein
*archeaological thrillers: subteranian - rollins, anything else by him too but not all at once or it's too easy to see his formulas; the descent - jeff long; the summoning god - the gears
*boy meets girl, shit happens, they never quite connect: shopgirl - steve martin (i don't care what you think of his acting the book rocks) the fuckup - i forgot who, but my friend steve who's possibly more of a geek than i am (that's a compliment silly) reminded me: Arthur Nersesian
*dystopian: gem -drat i'm having a bad day with authors, it's got a pink cover with something silver on it tho; this perfect day - ira levin, yes he's the rosemary's baby guy and no the books not in print anymore. bah;
*vampires not following traditional mythic rules: blood moon rising (i think anway) - billy sue morrison; of saints and shadows - c. golden, it's a series of three, all good
*playing with religion: spearker of the dead - orson scott card, as well as the next two in the series, the first, enders game, is not necessary to these although it is worth reading; prayer for owen meany - john irving; brave new world - huxly, also a dystopian but i like what it says about religion so there; survivor - palinuk, which i misspelled but he's the fight club guy. creedish. shiver

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

stuff to do tomorrow

*acutaly get up with my alarm

*find my missing favorite black pants

*call the gate fixing people AGAIN

*call maintence about the heat AGAIN

*unpack the gosh darn boxes

*interview 2 people

*go to the bank

*shelve scifi, african american interest, cooking, and religion/inspriration/philosophy/bibles

*figure out who stole $80 yesterday

*have lunch with jess

*have dinner with tish

*get to my guys house early enough that i don't just pass out asleep lol

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

new years resolutions

*either finally loose that 20 pounds or finally learn to accept them as part of myself, not some seperate thing to be loathed when looking in the mirror
*intergrate my sence of my body with my sence of myself - it's so fucked up that i can hate my skin and love myself, i need to fix that...i guess that's part of the first one, isn't it?
*start painting more again
*start writing again
*read more non fiction
*relarn math so i can pass the gre's
*take the damn test and go to grad school already
*realize that if i didn't make him happy he wouldn't stick around and stop angsting over it
*stop being my own worst critic and give myself the compasion i give others
*laugh at myself more