Friday, November 30, 2001

things that are worth cooking from scratch
*ceasar dressing
*holindaise sause
*carmel popcorn
*gingerbread houses with candy glass windows, if only for the bragging rights
*anything that you usually buy but have the time to make yourself

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

stuff i accomplished on my day off
*more sleep
*got ordained by those people who will ordain anyone
*cooked pasta that my guy hated but i loved
*went out for lunch
*messed around on line
*played zork
*watched 24 (i love unproductive days off)

Monday, November 26, 2001

poltergeist incidents at store 1014
*the ladder fell down accross the outside of the door of the bathroom this morning, trapping me for about half an hour.
*shelves that fall down when no one is near them
*books that have been up in overstock for days and weeks and months that randomly come down almost striking staff, but never customers, in the head
*brackets that end up 8 feet from the broken shelves.
*the fact that the tape is never where anyone left it
stuff that i miss about home
*my dog
*my brother, harry. i just missed his 19th birthday
*my steprats, who really are good kids, just mischievious
*watching the water on the lake
*making dinner at my dads house, totally trashing the kitchen, and that look on my step-mom's face for the moment before i clean it up
*my (step) gramma margie, she's hard of hearing so i can't really talk to her on the phone too well
*my step mom, we never really manage to really talk on the phone
*having lunch with my mom and gramma
*talking to my step dad about books
*those talks i have with my dad on the way back to the airport, where we can both be really honest because afterwards we get to walk away and digest it all
*sleeping in my own damn bed
*playing pool with dan and jeff and going to dennys afterwards till some ungodly hour
*going in through the window of jeffs car because the door is busted so it doens't open, or reclose if you happen to open it
*making long distance calls i don't have to pay for
*running into people, like tony, who i haven't seen in forever and a day and getting to catch up
*seeing the kids who i used to babysit and how they're almost as tall as me now
*laundry machines that don't need quarters
*cable modem connection
*my toothbrush
*climbing the bookshelf in the living room for something interseting
*trying to figure out if someone has fed the fish or not before i go to bed
*my bedroom in the basement so i can sleep in without gettting woken up

Friday, November 23, 2001

lessons learned, the text adventure volume
* it is futile to attempt to destroy the jewled egg with the brass lantern
*always know where your towel is
*grues like the dark
*you can never pick up too much stuff....until your inventory is full
*eating garlic will not win you any friends
*do not fall asleep in the infirmary unless you do not need your legs
*typing curses justs wastes your turn
*key cards are a pain to get
*if it mentions it in the description chances are it's a useful thing
*unless it's just a puzzle put there to drive you bonkers
*babble fish are a necessary evil
*i hate babble fish
*ford sleeps at stupid times
*breaking your brass lantern is silly
*glowing swords mean danger
*just because you want to doens't mean the game will let you
*fuck off is not recongnized vocabulary
*unicorns are antisocial
*you're not the only one who still plays these silly things
stuff to do tomorrow at work
*meet with greg about 2nd interview
*shelve sci fi (again)
*shelve board books
*media audits
*bargain books
*find merchandizing plannar that i lost in mydesk somewhere
*bathroom cleaning schedule
*print stupid memo
stuff to delegate
*resticker dr seuss sale
*empty end caps and aframes
*have matt do vender jobber?
*egc project, add to wise project perhapse
*romance if not done tonight