Thursday, December 13, 2001

what i don' t like about my job right now

*the fact that firing people doens't bug me anymore

Monday, December 10, 2001

my general list of recommended books
*jemima j, jane green - bridget jones only better and less of a let down at the end
*wizard of earthsea, ursula k leguin, and it's sequals, brillient fantasy on the level of tolkien but not as long winded.
*harry potter, you know who, because even with all the hype its a good story
*anything by Karen Armstorng, a true religious schollar, i want her jog
*pannini's extrodinarly origins of ordinary things - random facts rock
*gunslinger series, stephen king - he subreferences these constantly, if you're going to read king you need to read these
*valis, phillip k dick - he's really not sane, but he's very amusing
*eating the cheshire cat, i forgot who - has nothing to do with alice but rocks anyway
*alice and wonderland/through the looking glass, b/c there's more to this classic than disney ever let on
*grimms snow white, case fairy tales weren't meant for kids
*anthropologist on mars, oliver saacks - the guy who wrote the man who mistook his wife for a hat. inteseting clinical stufft
*histrory of warfare, john keegan - the only history book i ever read of my own accord
*prayer for owen meany, john irving - the saddest book that ever made me laugh
*the witch must die, reinterpreting the withch archetype in fairy tales *the truth about witchcraft today, cunningham - explains the newest religion recognized by this country in terms anyone can understand and few will be offended by
*wicked, macguire - oz though the eyes of the wicked witch
*finding darwins god, some math professor - a look into the head of someone trying to reconcile his rationality with his faith
*i'll love you forever, munch - worlds best kids book. hands down. except maybe for alexander and the terrible horible no good very bad day. both rock.
*expendiable, james allan gardner - loved it read it in 2 days
*calculating god,j d sawer - scifi specuation on the divine
*onion girl, charls delint - or any of his other books, fairytales set in modern canada. very fun stuff.
*buning city, niven and pournell - fantsy from two masters
*anything, really, just read. get it from a library if you think im just plugging my store. feed your head.

Friday, December 07, 2001

things i like about my job
*snitch ball. don't ask.
*that rare customer who reads what i read and has something intelligent to say about it
*that quiet moment in the morning when i get to drink my coffee and plan my day
*lindor truffels - 4 for a buck
*finding ways to motivate my employees
*knowing i've found some kid a book they're actually read
*my discount
*knowing exactly where every single book in my sections are *two words - book loan
*beating my sales plan (it never happens, but a girl can dream)
*knowing that even on the days when i don't feel like i can do it all, i can.

Monday, December 03, 2001

what i need to learn right NOW
*how to put pictues on this silly imageless site

Saturday, December 01, 2001

what i do like about me at the moment
*my ability to just get through the day, even when i would rather be hiding in bed
*my eyes, even behind my glasses
*my height
*the fact that i haven't touched the cigarets in my purse for a few days now
*my inability to tell a convincing lie, that has lead me to tell mostly/only the truth
*the fact that i refuse to judge anyone on their choice in spirituality, mostly because i have made no choice myself
*having a head full of random facts
*feeling apart enough from people to watch them instead of joining in
*my kick ass sales pitch
*my new found body confidence - i never would have worn a leather skirt before
*my capability
*my memory
*the fact that i read quickly and absorb a huge amount of it
*my sence of fair play
*that i'm finally figuring out this whole healthy relationship thing
*my klutzyness
*the fact that i'm to a point in my life where i like more than i dislike about myself
what i don't like about me at the moment
*my continued inability to sleep through the night combined with my current inability to function coherently without sleep
*the fact that i can't keep track of anything i don't find interesting
*the fact that my body doesn't fall within the cultural definition of beauty
*the fact that i'm shallow enough to care about that
*my caffeine addiction
*the cigarettes in my purse
*the lack of money in my purse
*my tendency to be overly defensive about stupid little things like "why are your boots in the middle of the floor again dear?"
*my inability to have faith in anything, let alone faith with a capitol F
*looking for Truth even when i know i'll find only truth