Thursday, January 31, 2002

how to sell ice to eskimos in three easy steps
*wear miss-matched socks and an otherwise normal outfit
*believe in the product, sincerely and completely, not just as a way to get your check.
*forget about selling the product and sell yourself.

why it works:
*they will notice you without knowing quite why (the sock, silly)
*if you sell yourself they will be buying your belief in the product, and therefore the product itself
*they will like you and come back to buy more.
random fiction subgenras and obscure recomendations therein
*archeaological thrillers: subteranian - rollins, anything else by him too but not all at once or it's too easy to see his formulas; the descent - jeff long; the summoning god - the gears
*boy meets girl, shit happens, they never quite connect: shopgirl - steve martin (i don't care what you think of his acting the book rocks) the fuckup - i forgot who, but my friend steve who's possibly more of a geek than i am (that's a compliment silly) reminded me: Arthur Nersesian
*dystopian: gem -drat i'm having a bad day with authors, it's got a pink cover with something silver on it tho; this perfect day - ira levin, yes he's the rosemary's baby guy and no the books not in print anymore. bah;
*vampires not following traditional mythic rules: blood moon rising (i think anway) - billy sue morrison; of saints and shadows - c. golden, it's a series of three, all good
*playing with religion: spearker of the dead - orson scott card, as well as the next two in the series, the first, enders game, is not necessary to these although it is worth reading; prayer for owen meany - john irving; brave new world - huxly, also a dystopian but i like what it says about religion so there; survivor - palinuk, which i misspelled but he's the fight club guy. creedish. shiver

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

stuff to do tomorrow

*acutaly get up with my alarm

*find my missing favorite black pants

*call the gate fixing people AGAIN

*call maintence about the heat AGAIN

*unpack the gosh darn boxes

*interview 2 people

*go to the bank

*shelve scifi, african american interest, cooking, and religion/inspriration/philosophy/bibles

*figure out who stole $80 yesterday

*have lunch with jess

*have dinner with tish

*get to my guys house early enough that i don't just pass out asleep lol

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

new years resolutions

*either finally loose that 20 pounds or finally learn to accept them as part of myself, not some seperate thing to be loathed when looking in the mirror
*intergrate my sence of my body with my sence of myself - it's so fucked up that i can hate my skin and love myself, i need to fix that...i guess that's part of the first one, isn't it?
*start painting more again
*start writing again
*read more non fiction
*relarn math so i can pass the gre's
*take the damn test and go to grad school already
*realize that if i didn't make him happy he wouldn't stick around and stop angsting over it
*stop being my own worst critic and give myself the compasion i give others
*laugh at myself more